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At Buck C. Gibson, P.A., we use our experience, in-depth knowledge and reputation for excellent to open doors for you.

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Real Estate

Law Services

Looking for a real estate lawyer in Searcy, AR? Buck C. Gibson is an experienced attorney who specializes in property transactions, zoning regulations, title disputes, and more. He provides expert legal advice and representation to protect your interests. Schedule an appointment to see if our real estate legal services can help.


Law Services

Buck C. Gibson is an experienced business lawyer based in Searcy, AR who provides legal advice and representation for companies of all sizes. With a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of every business, including contract drafting and negotiation, employment law, intellectual property protection, and more, Buck develops a customized legal strategy to help his clients achieve their goals.

Estate Planning

Law Services

If you’re in need of an estate planning lawyer in Searcy, AR, look no further than Buck C. Gibson. With years of experience serving clients in the area, Buck provides a wide range of estate planning services, including creating wills and trusts, establishing powers of attorney, planning for incapacity, and more. Buck offers personalized legal advice and representation to help you achieve your estate planning goals and ensure that your legacy is protected.

Protecting & Promoting Your Interests

When it comes to selecting a lawyer, the true measure of success is not what problems your attorney can solve, but what doors he can open. At Buck C. Gibson, P.A., we focus on discovering opportunities, overcoming obstacles and resolving legal issues for our clients.

Drawing upon decades of experience and knowledge, we provide strong legal representation to individual and business clients who are facing a wide range of legal matters. From starting or expanding a business to establishing or contesting a will, we have the experience and fortitude to help clients achieve their goals.

Helping Clients Overcome Legal Issues

At Buck C. Gibson, P.A., we believe that education is critical to our clients’ success and work to ensure that clients have a firm understanding of all applicable laws and related court procedures. Working together, we are committed to successfully guiding clients through complex legal processes to achieve the best possible results.

When you retain our firm to help with your legal matter, you will receive personalized service and effective communication throughout every step of the legal process directly from our founding attorney, Buck C. Gibson, P.A..

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