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A Skilled Probate Lawyer With Decades Of Practice

With extensive experience on our side, the law firm of Buck C. Gibson, P.A., knows how to assist with the process of estate administration and probate (often referred to as probate administration). We can stand by your side to help you see that your loved one’s final wishes are followed properly. Our goal is to take the stress off of your shoulders, guiding you through the process effectively and efficiently.

Located in Searcy, Arkansas, and serving clients throughout central Arkansas, we can help with all aspects of the estate administration process, starting with locating all of the decedent’s assets. After we gather all of your loved one’s property together, we will assist with valuation, if necessary. We can then distribute assets as necessary to compensate creditors to the estate. The remaining assets can then be passed on to the heirs according to the will or, if there is not a will, according to Arkansas law.

Our founding lawyer has the experience to help you navigate through the probate process. This process is intended to see that all property passes to heirs properly. Sometimes it can be simple, but a dispute of any kind can add unique challenges. If a dispute or will contest arises, we are able to stand by your side to do what is right.

Our law firm represents estate administrators as well as other parties to estate litigation. We know how to see that the terms of the will and all relevant laws are properly followed, and we can give you the personal attention necessary to guide you through the probate process or through a will contest.

Probate may not be necessary at all. Sometimes, probate can be completely avoided by using a series of estate planning documents to pass property from one person to another outside of the probate process. At our law firm, we can help you explore your options.

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